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Sahara Desert Tours

Preparing for Sahara Desert Tours

If you have decided to sign up for one of the Sahara Desert Tours or are considering it, you may be wondering just how to pack and prepare. We put together this list of tips to help.

Take a Light Jacket

Daytime in the Sahara is hot but nighttime can get down to below freezing in some months. Take a jacket to keep comfortable when you are chilly.

Protect Your Head and Eyes

Sunglasses are a must. Add a hat or headscarf for your head and protection from the dust.

Protect Your Skin

Sunscreen is a good idea for any exposed skin. The sun can be absolutely scorching during the day.

Steer Clear of Short

Riding a camel in shorts is not conducive to an enjoyable trek. Wear jeans instead.

Schedule Carefully

Try to schedule your tour between May and October- this is a good weather time. The days are cooler than the rest of the year but the nighttime temperatures are not as cold as they will be from December to January. January to May is the time for ongoing sandstorms, and July to September have extraordinarily hot daytime temperatures.

Bring Your Camera

You will see so much that you want to capture on film. Be sure you have a camera- preferably with a strap- and plenty of fully charged batteries.

Stay Away from Salty Snacks

You are already going to be thirsty. Don’t dehydrate yourself by eating really salty snacks.

Other Items to Pack

Be sure you pack a water bottle, flashlight, hand sanitizer and wipes, OTC medications, and a few band-aids.

These are some important tips, but you can always check with your Sahara Desert tour guides for any additional items you might need to bring. There are typically several things that your Sahara Desert tour guides will supply, so be sure to ask before you head out.

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