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Travel in Morocco and explore Nomads life in Sahara desert


They are people living in most of deserts away from the cities, towns, and populated areas in the world. There are few nomads’ families in Sahara desert at Merzouga Morocco. They move from place to place in search food, water and working opportunities. But they still maintain their simple nomadic way of life in modern days.

They live on what they usually breed and look after cattle, such as camels, sheep, goats, and other kinds of animals. They sell the cattle in its due time to make money and do business. Now days, nomad men may find jobs at nearby small town sometimes. Nomad children are always active, happy and ready for the daily tasks of taking care of the loose animals. Living with the basics makes them humble and encourages them to help each other and respect nature. Although most Nomads are uneducated, now new generation has opportunities to study in schools.

Travel and explore this interesting and extraordinary aspects of Morocco with us (www.saharaskytours.com) is amazing. This morocco tour will bring you to see authentic Nomad life that is far way from our modern life.

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